Biohotel SCHWANEN AND climate neutral

Awards and prizes, certifications and evaluations were daily companions in my former professional life in the USA, sometimes almost a burden. This makes working and working here in the Bregenzerwald feel all the more pleasant and free for me. It is important to me and my team to work carefully, prudently and sustainably. Evaluations and judgments take a back seat. We follow our motto and our attitudes and feel that this is the right way for us. We like to be a few steps ahead of so-called trends and hypes, sometimes we even receive an innovation award for it. Which brings us back to evaluations and judgments.

What I actually want to get at:

The SCHWANEN is certified by the Biohotels as a climate-neutral hotel - we are happy to announce this, we are very pleased about this certification.

For many years now, it has been important to us as a company to take the right steps and make the right investments for prudent business practices in the long term, and it is great that we are succeeding so well. From now on you will find the certificate on our website, in the newsletter etc. and I hope you find it as great as we do.


See you soon at SCHWANEN!
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