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What and where
the hell is Bizau?

Well, what can I tell you about Bizau, our picturesque little village in the heart of the Bregenz Forest? As a boy, I wanted to leave this place and see the world. 20 years later – different story. Today, Bizau is characterized by its modern wooden architecture, but it has yet never lost its charming rural character. It is surrounded by beautiful meadows, forests and mountains. Bizau’s moorland is flanked by smooth hills and the rugged silhouette of the Kanisfluh, our beloved backyard mountain. Its beautiful landscape is perfect for so many different activities from walking and hiking to mountain biking.

In winter, you can choose between three different skiing areas, all easily accessible by public transport from Bizau. I particularly like to go snowshoe hiking or cross-country skiing, because there is a trail you can access right behind our hotel.

Outdoor exercise just feels amazing, no matter what time of the year!


Uf das Gmüondele kaste vorlau,
Mügod ou d`Jauhr vorgau,
des ist gad ebo glie,
z´Büzo ist as allad frie.

Werner Bischof, Mundartdichter aus Bizau (geb. 1920)

When I came home after spending 13 years in different European countries and the United States, Bizau hadn’t changed at all. People here have a strong sense of local identity, which influences everything from architecture to their daily business. What fascinates me most is this balance between people’s relaxed attitude and their busy, active lifestyles. You can even see this in the young kids walking by our hotel, the church and the village square on their way to kindergarten or school.

Approaching the SCHWANEN on the road along the Bizau creek you can instantly feel that this place is perfect for a little time-out. A place to focus on what happens here and now and to really connect to your inner self.

I just love this beautiful corner of the world that remains untroubled by the hustle and bustle of the hectic times we live in.