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Only good stuff will
make for good stuff

Not even Michael and Franziska can make a good meal without the best possible raw ingredients. That’s what it’s all about in our kitchen! We want our farmers and producers to respect our high quality standards, and we are willing to pay fair prices in return.

Herb women Maria and Ingrid

Bezau | Thyme, yarrow, aquatic mint, violet – all these herbs grow here in the Bregenz Forest. But frankly, I have no idea where exactly. Maria and Irmgard, however, are real herbal wise-women, wandering over hill and dale, climbing mountains like chamois, searching for the most sun-spoilt alpine herbs. Combining their own knowledge with Hildegard of Bingen’s herbology, they make our WILD WOMEN herbal tea.


Claudia and Bertram are two of our closest and most important partners. In the tiny village of Buch they run the Martinshof farm, a place they have turned from a classic agricultural enterprise to a model organic farm. They produce flour, spelt and eggs, of which we need a lot in our kitchen, using only organic animal food from organic miller Meitinger. Even the packaging is carbon-neutral. We appreciate all this a lot!


Sandra & Gerhard Felder

Fluh bei Bregenz | Sandra & Gerhard’s farm, which also includes a little chicken farm, sits a little above Bregenz. All day you can see their chicken pecking in the grass around the house before they retire to their stable at night. Only regular customers can buy chicken meat here – and to a limited amount only. We order half a year in advance. So even if I had the money I couldn’t order 200 chicken breasts at once!

Julia & Josef Berlinger

Au | The Berlingers still run a real family business. Their specialty? Sheep and goat milk. While Julia manages the production, Josef works in the stable. Their animals’ wellbeing is at the center of their efforts, because only when they have a good life and get good food they will produce milk that is good for us.


Susanne & Elmar Weißenbach

Götzis | When you’re good at organic farming, there’s no need for chemicals. For 25 years, Susanne & Elmar have been cultivating spelt on their biodynamic farm. From the very beginning, they have only used pure spelt varietes – no traits of wheat here! They sow at the end of September and harvest in July. After a short period of rest, the grains are being grinded in batches. This way, we always get our spelt super fresh.

Reinhard Schneider

Andelsbuch | Bernadette & Reinhard Schneider from Andelsbuch spend every summer on the Alpe Finne mountain pasture – joined by their children and their Vëah (cattle). All summer, the cows feed on a variety of mountain herbs, producing the best milk for Reinhard’s unique Bergkäs (mountain cheese). When the raw ingredients are not perfect, even the best cheesemaker is at a loss, Reinhard says. His cheese is very aromatic, with intense hints of herbs. Of course it also has the most exquisite holes, the right amount of saltiness, the perfect ripeness and has been stored under the best conditions. Reinhard thoroughly examines all his potential buyers before deciding who gets his cheese. When he showed up with a loaf in our kitchen one day, we were thrilled. And have been using nothing but his cheese for our SCHWANEN Käsknöpfle ever since.

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