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It’s all organic in our
WILD WOMEN’s kitchen

Ever since its beginning and also today, women have been the vital driving force in the SCHWANEN. Each and every one of them has made the SCHWANEN more attractive and loveable in her own special way. Over the decades, Antonia Moosbrugger and Franziska Hiller have developed and coined the Wild Women Cuisine (#wildeweiberküche). After Antonias retirement from the kitchen, Michael Webendorfer took over cooking spoon and kitchen crew, with Franziska remaining as his great support and backup.

Man knows of the good, even if he does not do it.

Hildegard of Bingen, mystic and naturopath (1098 – 1179)

My parents Antonia and Wolfgang have run and developed the SCHWANEN with immense amounts of love, energy and devotion. They made it what it is today. For me, their commitment to their life’s work and our time working together in the last 5 years were formative and incredibly impressive. Thank you, you two, we will continue in your spirit!

Antonia Moosbrugger will retire from the kitchen. Franziska Hiller, the second of our Wild Women, has been with us for almost 25 years. She is the reliable, creative constant that will now be complemented by a congenial partner in the kitchen: Michael Webendorfer. A homecomer, as we say around here. Michael has already worked with us for three years after completing his apprenticeship. Then he went on to gain more experiences and collect inspirations, and now he has returned. He knows the Wild Women and their cuisine (#wildeweiberküche) very well and lives and breathes the same ideas and principles as we do. Together we are always on the lookout for new challenges – that’s what you call a perfect match, right?

I am super happy that the first steps of our new SCHWANEN team went well. We were able to fill a huge gap in our kitchen, which is now also most perfectly complemented by the #wildeweibergarten, our new vegetable garden. The diversity and quantity of our harvest have shown us our full potential. But come and see for yourself how our garden’s vegetables eventually appear on the menu.