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On our days off my team and I like to go out and enjoy nature as quickly as possible, preferably right after work. It doesn’t matter what season or weather, we take our running, hiking or snow shoes and go. On our favorite paths we usually don’t meet any other people, which I think is very special.


Antonia recommends


Through the forest to the Känzele

The Känzele is a viewpoint between Bizau and Bezau. You can walk there along a beautiful, shaded path in the forest, which in summer is dotted with blueberry bushes. We recommend all our guests to take this walk. You can actually get there from several directions, but my favorite route is to walk up the Oberberg, then to Stein, See, Bockvorsäß and to the Känzele. From there you can walk back to Bezau across the Ölberg. There you can either walk back to the SCHWANEN along the creek or take the bus. For most people this tour takes about 3 hours.

Snow shoe hiking

Walking through a quiet, untouched snowy landscape, alone or with a small group – that’s what really helps you slow down and relax. At least that’s what it does to me!

Up and down to the Gopf

Walking up the Gopf is like walking through life: You keep going up and down without ever seeing the end of the path, until you finally reach it. We also call it the „mushroom and berry mountain“, especially in late summer and fall. From the SCHWANEN you can walk by the Wendelinskapelle (St. Wendelin’s chapel), which provides a gorgeous view on the Kanisfluh, then across the Grat up to the Gopf. This is our “house route”. It takes about 4 hours.

A peak for two:
The Hählekopf mountain

We call it the “peak for two” because it really only leaves room for two. The last third of the trail is very steep and leads through the forest. Apart from that it is an easy path. We usually walk across the Ölberg and Stein to the Seefluh and up the Hählekopf, which takes about 4 hours (there and back). You can also go back passing Hinteregg, this will take about 4.5 or 5 hours, but will lead you past a fantastic flower meadow that’s worth seeing.


Emanuel’s Favorites


Bezegg – Werkraum – Jöslar

A gorgeous historic crossing and former transportation route: You can walk through the forest from Bezau across a small pass to Andelsbuch, passing luscious meadows and the so-called Bezegg Sul, the column reminding us of the early days of democracy in the Bregenz Forest. Then you can walk down to the Andelsbuch reservoir and to the Werkraum in Andelsbuch, a showroom with outstanding works of architecture and craftsmanship, which the Bregenz Forest region has become so famous for. This route takes about 1.5 hours. After visiting the Werkraum you have to stop by Guni’s Jöslar – an old inn turned into a modern café and bar.



Cross-country skiing

You can start right from the SCHWANEN. I like those intense 1-2 hour workouts to burn off some energy. And getting started is very easy: Right behind our hotel you can access a cross-country ski trail which is connected to other trails in Reuthe and Bezau, so you really get a nice long tour.

Barefoot trail through the moor

Take your time (1, 2 or even 3 hours) to take a relaxed barefoot walk through the moor. It feels particularly great in the mornings or after a long hike, or, as in my case, after a long day running around our restaurant’s garden. It’s only 10 minutes away from the SCHWANEN!

Vorsäß Schönenbach

As the word “schön“ (“beautiful“) in the name Schönenbach indicates, this is a truly beautiful place. One I always like to tell people about and one I always remembered dearly during my time abroad. In spring and fall, Schönenbach is a lively little village surrounded by mountain pastures offering spectacular sceneries and views for hikers. It can be easily reached by bus, bike or car.

A very special time is during the deer rut in fall. The deer’s rivaling and belling impresses hunters and non-hunters alike.



The annual 3-Valley Pass offering 365 days access to the beautiful mountains of Vorarlberg makes passionate skiers and all other mountain lovers happy.


Bregenzerwald Card

From May 1st through October 31st, the Bregenzerwald Card is included in your hotel reservation of 3 nights or more. It includes free use of lifts, public transport and public pools within the Bregenz Forest region.


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