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My parents Antonia & Wolfgang turned the SCHWANEN into what it is today, an organic hotel with an exceptional reputation. After years spent travelling in New York and San Fransisco I am the lucky owner and host in the Schwanen. My parents took a step back and have taken on roles in the background. I have happily taken over and I am enjoying this exciting time. 

Biohotel Schwanen Bizau Außenaufnahme Sommer

The Schwanen was built in 2009 with the architect Hermann kaufmann, in the typical Bregenzerwalder style. Reduce to the max was and is our motto. Find out more! Learn more!

Biohotel Schwanen Außenaufnahme Sommer


I share with you the new, important, interesting and good things about the Schwanen 2 or 3 times a year in my newsletter. We read each other!

I always set a time limit of 10 years for my apprenticeship and travelling, but in the end it turned out to be 13. I’ve been back in the Bregenzerwald since 2013.

Emanuel Moosbrugger

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What the rooms really do well – they let you unwind, calm you down, smell wonderfully of wood and feel good.

Biohotel Schwanen Tisch


The restaurant is in the middle of the Schwanen. It is where you eat, socialise and breakfast. We work here, invite and are the hosts.

Biohotel Schwanen Your Safety

Your safety

In the SCHWANEN we take care of each other. We take all rules and regulations seriously and implement them with care.

Biohotel Schwanen Klimaneutral


The SCHWANEN is certified by Biohotels as a climate-neutral hotel - we are fortunate to announce that, we are very happy about this certification.

Biohotel Schwanen Garten


For two years, I didn’t give up on my wish to have a garden dedicated to the Wildeweiber kitchen in the SCHWANEN.

Bio Hotel Schwanen Team


It’s all about the attitude! We can show you the rest. Ruf einfach an, komm vorbei oder email mir Deine Bewerbung!

Biohotel Schwanen Lesezimmer
Biohotel Schwanen Herrenzimmer


... former study.
With so many women in the business it requires a gent’s room. No, the name actually comes from the fact that we don’t only have good cooks in the family, but also successful entrepreneurs. The so-called Bregenzerwald Cheese Counts exported their cheese to the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy. One of them was my great-great-great-grandfather Gallus, who produced the Schwanen for his son Jakob, an ancestor of my mother. As you can see, we are simply THE SWANS, no matter from which perspective you look at it. 

In the gentleman’s room, I was able to give my signature to an entire room for the first time. We have 1950’s vintage armchairs by Italian designers from the Milan area with casual colours and fabrics. It has become a place for dialogue and inspiration.


See you soon in SCHWANEN! 
0043 5514 2133


See you soon in SCHWANEN! 
0043 5514 2133


See you soon in SCHWANEN! 
0043 5514 2133

Reservations between 11.30 - 13.30 & 17.30 - 20.30 possible. Tuesday & Wednesday closed!