For two years, I didn’t give up on my wish to have a garden dedicated to the Wildeweiber kitchen in the SCHWANEN.


The whole thing was learning by doing for me. I had no idea about gardening. Thank goodness I
know two Swiss people, Katharina and Johannes to be precise.
They run a wonderful urban gardening project in Zurich. They taught me pretty
much everything you need to know about gardening in a crash course. From crop rotations,
where to buy seeds and an irrigation system, and the whole daily


The idea for the Duroc pigs came from Johannes - and a few phone calls later it was already implemented: To dig up the ground, 5 Duroc pigs from the Metzlers from Egg employed by us for 2 weeks as temporary workers. They loosened the soil, ate up grubs and weed roots and fertilized. Then humus and compost soil were added before we did the first sowing at the end of April. And with the first sowing came Christoph, the next stroke of luck for me. A young Bezauer, son of an organic farmer and a really cool guy. He was a volunteer in Ecuador for over a year and then at Noah's Ark in Lower Austria - now he's the gardener in the #wildeweibergarten.

Fresh produce
directly from the garden
to the plate.

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The approximately 180 m² field provides us with chard, pak choi, radishes, runner beans, cucumbers,
ourgettes, carrots, melons, rocket, lettuce and much more. The process of growing and harvesting is new to us and quite exciting! We celebrate the vegetables in different ways
– in our garden menu, as a starter, as greetings from the kitchen or as a cool side dish. Fresh food straight from the garden to the plate.


The restructuring of the herb garden on the eastern side of the SCHWANEN was my first garden project.
From the dry-stone-walls, the raspberry bushes and numerous Hildegard-spices for the kitchen to the rubbing-down of the wooden tables I did everything myself by hand. I enjoyed the work and the results. Somehow it felt close to nature and suited the SWAN. I was sure that our guests would like it too. Two weeks of the Spring break had been lost but it was well worth it.


See you soon in SCHWANEN! 
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