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The dining room – or Esszimmer in German – is the very heart of the SCHWANEN. It’s where guests eat, meet and talk. To us, it’s where we work, invite and entertain our guests.

At home in the dining room

Our restaurant’s name is Esszimmer – dining room, because I want to welcome our guests as if we were at my place. That’s it – very simple. The dining room is light and fresh and airy. Oakwood floors, benches, walls and ceilings in natural fir, chairs in maple wood. I think we created a room with a really nice vibe. I am always searching for new ideas to improve its atmosphere – after all, it is also our dining room.

Corey Lee, my partner at Benu in San Francisco, perfectly describes our philosophy:


Food, guest service and hotellerie is identity – it’s the most revealing thing about you, about your culture, where you come from, how you live, what’s important to you.

Corey Lee of Benu, San Francisco

Leaps in time in
our Wälderstube

Following expert advice is not always the best idea. Sometimes, listening to your gut feeling is the better thing to do. So did my Säle (dialect expression for grandmother) Katharina Moosbrugger, who taught me this lesson (and many more). Luckily she knew about the value of our century-old traditional living/dining room, the Stube, and the wine cellar right underneath. When our house was revamped in the 1960s, she resolutely saved this gem against the will of advisers and architects.
Walking over the creaking walnut and oak wood floors is a one-of-a-kind experience. The tables are made from cherry, pear and maple trees from Bizau. Generations of people have gathered around them to eat and work. Now it is our job to let this room exude its historic charm – while serving dishes that represent the spirit of our time.


At the moment we like eat …



This multi-course menu was given its name when one of our guests told my mother: “Wow, you really are some wild women, preparing four different multi-course menus for your guests!” The idea was born when my parents came to visit me in New York and the concept has been a huge success ever since. We now offer our WILD WOMEN menu with 5 or 7 courses, on request also with wine pairings (done by me!)

5-course menu 81,00 + Wine pairings 44,00

Available daily, except Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday during lunchtime. Prior order required. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.) if you let us know in advance.



Good vibrations in our Herrenzimmer

In a household run by women, there has to be a safe place for men only: The Herrenzimmer (Gentlemen’s Room). Of course I’m kidding. Next to the amazing female chefs in our family were a bunch of very successful entrepreneurs: The so-called Käsgrafen (cheese counts) of the Bregenz Forest who traded cheese throughout the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. One of them was my three-times great-grandfather Gallus, who had bought the SCHWANEN for his son Jakob – from one of my mother’s ancestors. You see, no matter how you look at it – we are the SWANS through and through.

The Herrenzimmer is also the first room that I could put my personal spin on. We had vintage chairs from the 1950s and 60s revamped in new fabrics and colors by Italian designers from the Milan area. It is a place where our guests come to chat or get inspired. Have a seat on the historic sofa with a book from Antonia’s library or a magazine, meet new people, have a pre- or after-dinner drink or just sit, relax and let your mind wander.

Herbs and chestnuts
in the garden

Am I more of an urbanite or is this rural area deep in the Bregenz Forest the right place for me? Re-designing the herbal garden on the east side of the SCHWANEN was my first gardening project. I built a dry stone wall, planted raspberry bushes and many of Hildegard’s favorite herbs and sanded the wooden tables with my own hands. I liked the work (and the results!), somehow it felt so natural, so in harmony with my surroundings and the spirit of the SCHWANEN. I was sure our guests would like it as well. It took me two weeks of my spring break, but it was so worth it.

The garden turned out well, and every year we aim to further improve it. The chestnut trees have grown significantly already, spreading their branches over our garden tables and giving the most wonderful shadow. In our garden you can enjoy our food while witnessing life in a little village: people going to church or Xaver on his bike, cycling by every day at three o’clock.

In the meantime, I have found even more joy in gardening. Let me tell you about that here.