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For two years I did not give up on my dream of having our own vegetable garden, designed according to the needs of our #wildeweiberküche kitchen team at the SCHWANEN.


All of this project was “learning by doing” for me. After all, I had no clue what gardening was all about. Luckily, I knew the right people: Katharina and Johannes from Switzerland.

The two of them have started a pretty amazing urban gardening project in Zurich. In a special crash course they taught me just about everything I needed to know about gardening. About crop rotation, equipment and appliances, where to buy seeds and an irrigation system. All that stuff you need on a daily basis.


The idea with the Duroc pigs was Johannes’, and it turned into reality only a few phone calls later. For two weeks, the Metzler family from nearby Egg lent us 5 Duroc pigs as leased laborers. They dug over and aerated our soil, ate all the grubs and weeds and fertilized the ground. Then we put on humus and compost and sowed the first seeds at the end of April. And then came Christoph, another godsend for me. A young guy from our neighbour town of Bezau, son of an organic farmer and a really awesome guy. After spending a gap year in Ecuador he has worked with Arche Noah, an Austrian company dedicated to the preservation of crop diversity. And now he’s here – the gardener in our Wild Women’s garden (#wildweibergarten).

The freshest of all ingredients – from the garden to the plate.


The field has about 180m2 and gives us chard, bok choy, radishes, runner beans, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, honeydew melons, arugula, salads and much more. Watching things grow before harvesting them is pretty exciting! The vegetables are featured in our menu in various ways: in our special garden menu, as appetizers, amuse-bouche or cool side dishes. From the garden to the plate – this is as fresh as it gets. Enjoy!


Re-designing the herbal garden on the east side of the SCHWANEN was my first gardening project. I built a dry stone wall, planted raspberry bushes and many of Hildegard’s favorite herbs and sanded the wooden tables with my own hands. I liked the work (and the results!), somehow it felt so natural, so in harmony with my surroundings and the spirit of the SCHWANEN. I was sure our guests would like it as well. It took me two weeks of my spring break, but it was so worth it.